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35 Top tips for your first solo trip

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Traveling solo for the first time can be a daunting experience. But if you know what to expect and pack accordingly, it will make your trip more enjoyable. One of my top tips is to ensure that safety comes first – this means looking into which countries have extra dangers in terms of crime rates or political unrest before booking flights (or driving).

If you’re staying in one location, then I recommend doing some research on where potential hazards are located as well- such as natural disasters, dangerous wildlife, etc. Once you’ve planned out your destination with these details taken care of, there are plenty more things to do! Here is my full list of my top tips for solo travelers. Enjoy your trip!

1. Research the destination before you leave – what are some tourist attractions, how do people dress, what foods are popular there, etc.?

2. Try to be flexible with your schedule, you never know what you will find and see once you’re at your destination.

3. Book an accommodation that is close to public transportation or places of interest so you don’t have to deal with expensive taxi fares or long walks to get places.

4. Be respectful of local customs when you’re travelling.

5. Pack light – it’s easier to pack less and you’ll have more room for souvenirs.

6. Take pictures of your hotel, so you can remember where you are staying and how to get back there.

7. Research popular tourist attractions in advance and see if you can book tickets online to avoing long queues.

8. Plan ahead – make sure to get any vaccinations required by law or recommended by your doctor.

9. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress accordingly e.g., wear sunscreen and wear a hat if it is sunny and hot outside or bring warm clothes if it will be cold at night-time.

Kamari beach, Santorini, Greece

10. Make friends with locals who are willing to show you around their city e.g., waiters, bartenders, taxi drivers etc. They know all the best places to see and can be super helpful to solo travelers.

11. Pack light-weight clothing and comfortable shoes that won’t cause blisters or discomfort.

12. Eat healthy and don’t sleep deprive yourself during your trip, so that you can still enjoy it.

13. Make sure you have all the necessary documents and ID with you at all times.

14. See at least one sunset and sunrise while you’re at your destination. You won’t regret it. See my post for photo ideas while travelling.

A sunrise in Malta by the sea

15. Keep an eye out for travel deals – sign up for email alerts from airlines, hotels, and rental car companies.

16. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Fill up your water bottle at the airport, so that you don’t get dehydrated during the flight.

17. Don’t forget to take pictures! This is a great opportunity to document this new experience in your life!

18. Take pictures of yourself! See my tips for taking photos of yourself when travelling solo.

How to live more sustainably

19. Research transportation options before you go and figure out how you will get from the airport (or bus or train station) to your hotel.

20. Plan out a list of activities that will be fun for one person to do.

21. Keep an eye on your belongings while travelling by bus or train.

22. Stay in touch with friends and family back home to let them know where you are going as well as what time zone you’re in so they can adjust their clocks accordingly.

23. Take time to do some research before booking anything like tours or excursions. The prices and destination options may vary a lot.

24. Make friends with other solo travellers.

25. Set realistic expectations for your time there, it is not a vacation that lasts forever.

26. Stay in public places when possible, like hotels or restaurants.

27. Bring some form of identification with you at all times – such as an ID card or passport.

28. Bring an extra pair of shoes in case one gets wet or dirty.

29. Check out reviews on hotels before booking one – some places might not be as safe as others. Some websites like will mention which places are popular among solo travellers.

Top tips for solo travelers

30. Get out of your comfort zone – explore new places and meet new people! It will give you an opportunity to learn more about yourself as well as making some interesting memories along the way.

31. Be attentive to your surroundings at all times – don’t walk around with large sums of money or wear expensive jewelry without taking precautions against theft.

32. Exercise caution when using public transportation or walking alone at night.

33. Keep track of how much money you spend while traveling so that it’s easier to budget when you get back home!

34. Get a local SIM card for data and phone calls.

35. Make sure your phone is charged and has a full battery.

How to travel sustainably - a blog post that includes tips for sustainable travel

Some people are scared of travelling alone, even if they’re just going to a city close by. But some of the best travel stories come from these solo trips! I hope you found this blog post useful and helpful! As someone who has been on multiple solo trips before, these are some of my top tips for making your trip more enjoyable and safe. Do you have any other suggestions? Maybe you can mention them in the comments section below or share with me on Instagram @elinaabroad or Twitter @elinaka!

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Top tips for your first solo trip - Pinterest Pin

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