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Elina Abroad in Riga, Latvia

Hi, my name is Elīna. I enjoy outdoor adventures, road trips, beautiful cities and different cultures. Nice to meet you! 

You might know me as @elinaabroad on Instagram. While I love the platform, sometimes I feel like I want to share more with you than just the carefully curated coherent feed that you are expected to have on Instagram. I started this blog as a way to show you more than Instagram allows me to. I’ve been on Instagram for more than 5 years sharing my travel adventures and gradually growing a large community of over 50k people, and I decided it was time to share even more with you – here on the blog.

So here is what I share on this blog:

  • Behind the scenes content, such as “how to” type of posts about photography and travel;
  • comprehensive about products, hotels, restaurants etc;
  • travel itineraries
  • lifestyle content, e.g., favourite products, etc.

I do hope you stay!

Got anything to share with me? Drop me an email – info@elinaabroad.com