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23 incredible photos that will make you want to visit Ladakh, India

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Ladakh is a wonderful place that is filled with breathtaking views, charming towns, wonderful monasteries and other places that are perfect for photography. It wasn’t hard for me to select more than 20 of my favourite photos that will make you to visit Ladakh, India.

Ladakh a union territory in northern India known for its mountain views of the Himalayas, buddhist monasteries and incredible landscapes. Ladakh is often called “Little Tibet”. I went to Ladakh in July 2019 for a two week trip and spent most of the time travelling from Srinagar to Leh.

Rangdum monastery is a lovely monastery located on top of a hill. We also stayed in tents at the Rangdum monastery. With the altitude of 4031m (13225ft), it was one of the toughest nights on the trip. I really struggled to fall asleep. But, hey, the mountain views and the stars at night looked absolutely incredible.

Your typical views in Ladakh – mountains, monasteries and stupas.

Hemis Festival at the Hemis Monastery. The part of my India trip that I was probably most looking forward to was Hemis Festival. It is an annual festival dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava.

Buddhist monks at the Hemis Festival.

Even though it was a very hot day, the festival was very fun to watch.

Stupas at Thiksey Monastery. Stupas are the mound-like structures used in buddhism for meditation. As a primarily buddhist part of India, they can be found all over Ladakh.

The incredibly impressive looking 12 storey Thiksey monastery in all its glory.

View from Thiksey Monastery.

Amazing views from Thiksey Monastery in Ladakh, India.

Tiny car and the big Himalayas.

The views of the Himalayan mountains in India.

Almost at highest point of Khardung La. Got to enjoy some snow, too.

Reached the top of Khardung La! The mountain pass is so perfect for photography.

Don’t forget to visit Nubra Valley when in Ladakh.
Photo of camels enjoying a sunny day at the Nubra Valley. You can reach Nubra Valley via the Khardung La mountain pass.

Nubra Valley was another place that I was really looking forward to visiting in Ladakh, India. 

A camel enjoying lunch in Nubra Valley, India!

It was lunch time for everyone!

Some breathtaking views in the Indian Himalayas.

As you can see, I took a lot of photos at the Nubra valley – it is the perfect place for beautiful photography in Ladakh.

Lake Pangong in India. It is one of the many disputed areas in India. This time with China. It is definitely worth a visit.

A view of Leh in Ladakh. Leh is the capital and the largest town in Ladakh. It’s a cute town filled with shops and cafes with great views. Just look at those mountains in the background!

Road trippin’ in Ladakh, India, along the Zanskar river. The mountain passes in Ladakh vary in their condition. Some are high quality concrete roads and some are more dangerous.
I would highly recommend hiring a local driver to take you places. The roads can be narrow, there is traffic going both ways, you can get stuck behind convoys of lorries and military vehicles and then have to overtake them on narrow roads.

The place where Zanskar river and Indus river meet. Zanskar is a popuar river for rafting, which I did, too. No photos from the rafting adventure, of course, because I didn’t want my camera to end up at the bottom of the river. But it was a very fun and refreshing thing to do on a hot day.

To read more about the equipment that I used to take all these photos, read about what’s in my camera bag here!

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