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10 amazing travel photography ideas for your next trip

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If you are an avid traveler, you know that one of the best ways to capture lasting memories of your trips is through photography. Whether youre a professional photographer or just someone with an eye for a good shot, there is always something new to try when it comes to travel photography. In this blog post, Ill share 10 amazing travel photography ideas that are sure to make your next trip even more memorable. From capturing the local culture to experimenting with sunset shots, youll be sure to get some amazing photos!

1. Road trip vibes

Let’s start off with travel photography ideas for road trip lovers. Just a simple photo from inside the car can look exciting! If you’re going on a trip by a car, make sure you take a photo of the roads and the views you’re getting. These photos can tell a lot about the place you’re travelling in. In the photos below, you can see India in the top picture. In the bottom photo, you can see the typical Icelandic landscape. Read more about my trips to India and Iceland here.

2. Long exposure photography in cities

This is one of my favourite kinds of travel photography! When you arrive at a city, look for light sources – lanterns, buildings, cars, beams of light etc. With long exposure photography, you can make the city look completely different and very lively, and make your photos stand out. For this type of travel photography, you will need a tripod to keep the camera still (see what equipment I use here). I am planning on doing a post on how to take long exposure photos, but for now I can let you know that I used the following settings for the photo below: 3s exposure, f/11, ISO 800.

Long exposure photo of the National Library of Latvia

3. Landscapes

Another great idea for your travel photography is taking landscape photos. If you’re going to a beautiful place in the nature, make sure you take some landscape photos. Aim to include what seems unique about the particular place. Here I took a photo in Iceland of houses on an Icelandic coast with mountains in the background. More photos from Iceland here!

4. Local people doing their thing

Make sure you not only include yourself in your travel photos, but also the local people, especially if they are doing something unique to their culture. Here in the first photo you can see local people in Srinagar, India, selling their products at a market on Dal Lake. In the second photo you can see a man making the traditional Kashmiri rug. In the third photo you can see an Egyptian man sitting by a temple in Egypt.

Men in boats at a vegetable market in Srinagar, Kashmir

5. You in a hotel

But don’t forget to include yourself in photos! Capture moments of yourself having a great time at your hotel. This is such an easy travel photography idea because we all have to stay somewhere. Experiment with different areas of the hotel and your room. I took these photos at Dan Eilat Hotel in Israel. Read my review here! Of course, you can also get creative with your travel photos in hostels, campsites etc.

6. Dramatic sunset or sunrise

Sunset photos can either look very boring or very exciting. If you find a nice foreground, your sunset photo will look 100 times better. Some ideas for what to include in your travel photos when shooting sunset or sunrise  – rocky coast, ferries, other people and you!

I took the first two photos in Malta. The first one is a sunset photo with a man standing right under the setting sun. The rocky coast and the waves make the photo even more dramatic.

I took the second photo early in the morning when everyone was still sleeping. I jumped in the frame to make the photo look more interesting.

All the other photos I took in Santorini. I ended up playing around with silhouette photos as the sun was setting.

Beautiful sunset in Malta
A sunset in Santorini, Greece

7. Cities as it gets dark

Most people leave the sunset spots right after sunset. If you stay longer, you can see views like this – the lights that start appearing and the colour of the sky changes.

8. Hiking photos

If you enjoy hiking, make sure you capture the views on the way to the top or whatever your destination is. And, of course, take a photo of yourself with all those beautiful views behind you. If you’re hiking alone, you will need a tripod to shoot photos of yourself. Learn more about how to take great photos of yourself when travelling solo here.

A backpacker in a forest
A hiker in the Himalayas

9. Long exposure waterfalls

A long exposure photo of waterfalls looks so much better than just a regular photo. You will need a tripod for this type of long exposure, too. Experiment with different shutter speeds to get the best shot. Read about what equipment I use here.

Godafoss in Iceland

10. Show the perspective

In this photo you can see how tiny the truck looks agains the might Himalayas. And a camel in the vast Nubra Valley nearby. You can use this method for other types of photos, too. You can capture people in front of waterfalls, high rise buildings, etc.

Travel photography is a great way to capture the beauty of the world and the unique experiences you encounter while on the road. With these 10 amazing travel photography ideas, you can capture the best moments of your next trip, and document the amazing places you visit and the people you meet. From scouting out the perfect angle for your photos to experimenting with creative techniques, youll have the perfect photos to share with friends, family, and your social media followers. Whether youre a beginner or a professional photographer, these ideas will help you take your travel photography to the next level. So, grab your camera, get out there, and start snapping away on your next adventure!

If you have anymore tips, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you enjoy shooting when travelling!

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